R h u d e, based through rhuigi villaseñor in 2015, is a layout assignment born out of l. A., balancing luxurious techniques with streetwear factors, showcased as ready-to-wear collections.

From a narrative perspective, R H U D E is both a reflection of cutting-edge socio-economics and a personal account of the first days in LA for villas-or. RHUDE, now a recurring theme every season, combines American iconography with nostalgic references, a visible reflection of the L.A. Lifestyle. Rhuigi studied artwork history and interned with Shaun Samson shortly after graduating high school.

With no formal training particular to fashion layout, villaseñor credits his understanding of garments and creation to growing up with a mother who turned into a tailor, supplying a basis and expertise of the way to build each piece and the following stories advised with each series.

Rhude’s journey parallels villaseñor, chronicling the evolution of a person from formative years to maturity, a narrative pondered every collection both the innovative director and emblem continues to grow up with its ever-expanding fanbase, culminating in the most latest debut presentation at some point of Paris guys’ fashion week for the spring/summer season 2020 series.